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WYG PSDB Sp. z o.o. specializes in services targeted at the public sector, that concern functioning of public administration and the area of public services, and development policy, including in particular the use of European fund programmes.


Our services include evaluation studies, social research, analyses, providing expertise and specialized trainings for public administration.


The core of our company are people, who create a team of unique, complementary competencies.


Key experts in our team are people with years of working experience in public administration at the top positions. Therefore, they understand the specificity of the public sector and public intervention programmes as well as the related challenges and existing limitations. Wherefore, our recommendation are courageous, but always practical and feasible.


Modern public policy should be realistic (evidence-based), therefore, based on researches conducted in accordance with the terms relevant to social studies. Correctness of the process of  every research conducted by our company is supervised by a team of sociologists and researchers, who prepare research process, develop research tools and provide key experts with advanced and reliable quantitative and qualitative analysis.


We supervise the quality of collected data: in the structure of our company we have distinguished implementation department that disposes of CATI and CAWI studios, focus studio and network of field interviewers who conduct individual interviews. We are certified by Quality Control of Interviewers Work Programme (PKJPA).


We share our knowledge and experiences – we conduct trainings for employees of various ranks in public administration, to which we introduce leading experts in their fields of expertise. Only in the last year we trained over 5500 persons.


WYG PSDB is a part of the WYG Group, which in its structure, in Poland and abroad, brings together experts in various fields of expertise: human resource management, business consulting, design and construction of infrastructure, engineering environmental protection, financial counselling. Therefore we have within reach experienced consultants-practitioners in various fields, both in administration and business area.

We understand the need for continuous capacity building of experts of our company, so we establish and continuously strengthen contacts with the academic community. We cooperate in the implementation of our studies with major academic experts who are recognized authorities in their fields of expertise.



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