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Recipients and beneficiaries of WYG PSDB  advisory and training services were or currently are:




Regional Development





National Education

Labour and Social Policy



Culture and National Heritage

Science and Higher Education

Interior and Administration

Sport and Tourism

Agriculture and Rural Development


Agencies and public institutions:


Polish Agency for Enterprise Development

Human Resources Development Center

Agency for Restructuring and Modernisation of Agriculture

State Fund for Rehabilitation of People with Disabilities

Polish tourist Organization

The Industrial Development Agency Joint Stock Company

Voluntary Labour Corps – Main Headquater

Centre for EU Transport Projects

Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego Bank Państwowy

National Capital Fund

Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency

Polish Air Navigation Services Agency

National Centre for health Information Systems

Cooperation Fund Foundation

Civil Aviation Authority

Main Road Transport Inspectorate

Regional Examination Board

Centre of Postgraduate Medical Education


Regional marshal offices:


Lower Silesia Province

Kujawy-Pomerania Province

Lublin Province

Lubuskie Province

Łódź Province

Małopolska Province

Mazovia Province

Opole Province

Podkarpacie Province

Podlasie Province

Pomerania Province

Silesia Province

Świętokrzyskie Province

Warmia-Masuria Province

Wielkopolska Province

West Pomerania Province


Organization units and local government:


Mazovia Unit for Implementation of EU Programmes

Lower Silesian Regional Labour Office in Wałbrzych

Provincial Labour Office in Katowice

Provincial Labour Office in Opole

Provincial Labour Office in Lublin

Capital City of Warsaw

City of Radom

Labour Office of the Capital City of Warsaw




Oil and Gas Institution

Fuel and Renewable Energy Institution

Information Processing Centre

Confederation of Polish Employers

National Union of Farmers, Circles and Agricultural Organizations

Polish Bank Association

Warsaw University

Academy of Finance in Warsaw

Opole University of technology

National Chamber of Commerce


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