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Evaluation researches – we provide practical knowledge on relevance, efficiency and effectiveness subjects of public interventions, especially financed by the Union funds. They include the entire cycle of programmes existence: diagnose, planning, implementation and evaluation of interventions. We examine, among others, the effectiveness and efficiency of management and development systems, including institutional aspects and relations between particular programmes or their sections, including demarcation and complementarity.  


Social researches – we examine various elements of socio-economic reality, that comprise subject of public policy interest, for instance local and regional labour markets, education sector, varied aspects of competitiveness and innovation of enterprises, migration issues. 


Analysis, expertise and advisory services – we provide public institutions with specialistic knowledge in the scope of organization and management, public finances, control and audit, public aid and other areas of the functioning of public sector. We are specializing in expertise and advisory services in the scope of using structural funds.   





Economic competitiveness


In the scope of issues related to innovativeness, the subjects of evaluation concern effectiveness, efficiency, relevance, usability and durability of the implementation of instruments and their effect contributing to development of enterprise innovativeness and the entire economy. The survey covers study of economic and financial instruments within enterprises and instruments which are related to institutional development of business environment, conducive in enhancing competitiveness and innovation in enterprises and the entire economy. Essential issues, on which evaluation issues are concentrated, are related with research and development processes (R+D) and development of informational society and their role in enhancing competitiveness and innovation of economy.


Human resources developments


The research covers the influence of public intervention on improving quality of human resources, increasing competencies of labour market participants, improving quality of the education, mitigating level of unemployment and social exclusion area, increasing the level of employment and promotion of entrepreneurship and, moreover, functioning of labour market institutions and institutions of social integration systems.  


Regional development  


The assessment of influence of public intervention on regional and spatial development of a country and increasing regional, spatial and social cohesion of the country.


Infrastructure and environment


Evaluation concerns influence of development and modernization of technical and social infrastructure on socio-economic development of Poland, in particular, influence on increasing investment attractiveness of the country. The evaluation researches in the area of infrastructure are concentrated on issues related to assessment of intervention in the scope of transportation, environmental, information technology, social and energy infrastructure. Within area the influence on natural environment is assessed as well.


Building administrative potential and “good governance”


The subject of research in terms of public intervention influence on building public administration potential and implementation of the rule „good governance” is institutional system of public administration and its ability of effective and efficient implementation of tasks within public policies. The current assessment covers processes of policies implementation, in particular the quality of coordination and cooperation of engaged institutions and their ability in programming, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of developmental affairs.


Social research


They are focused on study of viewpoints, opinions and expectations of region/country citizens in relation to specific phenomena (education, participation, social integration, labour market, other) in order to create social diagnosis and develop action strategies adequate to requirements and accurately determined essential actions.  






Quantitative research: focus group interviews (FGI), individual in-depth interviews (IDI), observation, expert interview.


Qualitative research: paper and pen interviews (PAPI), computer assisted personal interviews (CAPI), computer assisted telephone interviews (CATI), computer assisted web interviews (CAWI).


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